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British Columbia Football Conference
British Columbia Football Conference

Sun dismantle Huskers

By Wayne Moore-Castanet, 09/23/18, 9:30AM PDT


The Okanagan Sun may have felt a bit disrespected Saturday night.

For years, the Sun have planted their team flag on the Apple Bowl turf during pre-game introductions. But, when the visiting Valley Huskers did the same with their flag on Sun turf, they were angry.

"I think our team took exception to it. When another team comes in and throws their flag in the middle of your field...we have a lot of pride for our home stadium and the City of Kelowna," said head coach Ben Macauley.

"Guys take that personally. We play with a bit of an edge, and sometimes is tough to reign them back in and make sure what's a smart play and aggressive and what's over the line."