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By Rob McCallum BCFC Media, 06/04/20, 12:15PM PDT


President, Tyler McLaren provides Update.

     This past Monday was our National Signing Day, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new players to their respective teams and the BCFC, as well as welcome back our returning players.

While football is the ultimate competitive team sport, it is incredibly important to let all players know that despite being on different teams on the field, we are one big football family, who take care of each other, look out for each other, and have the best in mind for one another. Let's always remember that, and support and celebrate as one. The BCFC is all about inclusion for all, and we welcome diversity of all kind. We will not tolerate actions to the contrary of any kind.

As we move into the month of June and navigate through the COVID pandemic it is important to provide an update as to where we stand as of today. Our teams and executive will continue to work tirelessly to have a 2020 season, as we know how important football is to so many. We do have to keep in mind and respect the current health restrictions, and we will continue to watch, monitor and plan based on those regulations. It is important to continue to practice the right actions as citizens of British Columbia. Our teams and executive will never put any of our members in an un healthy environment. 

I would like to thank the Canadian Junior Football League (CJFL), and BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA) for their support, cooperation and assistance throughout this pandemic. We are all working as one with the same goal in mind.

At this time, the Conference is currently aiming for an early to mid September regular season start date. We will likely be looking at a reduced regular season number of games and playoffs. Our expectation is to release a schedule in the next couple of weeks, with the understanding that our world is in constant change, so we will admit accordingly. We have been working on a return to play protocol with our partners, and what that will look like. It is evolving all the time, and we will provide updates as time moves along. We will not have team sanctioned events for the month of June, and we will re-evaluate that timeline and direction as July approaches. 

It is very important to know that plans have and will continue to change as we monitor and follow what our health officials say and the information we are given. We must remain flexible to change and prepared for all scenarios. The good news is we all want football and a BCFC season to happen, but we must temper our wants with reality, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of all involved.

My advice to all involved with our teams and Conference is to continue to prepare for a 2020 season. I will once again remind people that our football and sport world is changing all the time because of COVID-19, and none of us can predict what will happen in the coming months. Changes to our plans as of today can and will likely occur, and it is important to be flexible, and prepare for all scenarios. 

We all want to watch our great players on our teams perform on the field. It is important we continue to act responsibly, make smart choices and plan for a 2020 BCFC season.


Tyler McLaren

BCFC President / CJFL Executive